An Inspiring Incentive for Families to Improve Their Foods

Think it's impossible to make meals your whole family will love that you can also feel good about? Our goal at foodtweeks™ is to help you do just that. With our app, you can find simple ways to make the foods your family loves a little better for them, while helping millions of Americans struggling with access to enough nutritious foods.  

Our mobile app for Android and iPhone users offers a search engine database robust with nutritionist-approved tips for trimming calories from your family’s meals that they won’t even miss. Every time you log a Tweek in our app, we convert the calories you save into real, nutritious calories, and donate meals to food banks across the country working to feed the hungry.  

What’s more, we offer calorie-trimming tips for the foods you prepare for your family at home and the restaurants your family frequents for a night out. In other words: while you’re family is trimming calories and still enjoying the foods you love, you’re ensuring people in need also has access to much-needed and nutritious foods.    

How do you get started?

1. Download the our app via the AppStore or GooglePlay
2. Create your account (check in with your local food bank for a unique promo code to have all your calories benefit their organization)
3. Choose your food
4. Save calories!
5. Share on Twitter & Facebook to double and triple your donation!
In celebration of National Nutrition Month, throughout March, we will triple your food bank donation when you create your account, simply insert the following promo code: XXX.  
Download now and get started!  

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