How to Control Fatigue After Having a Baby

Delivering a baby is hard work and being a new mother can be exhausting. Blood loss during delivery and your child keeping you up at night can also make you feel tired. Fatigue can not be avoided after having a baby. Here are some tips that will help you make your fatigue easier to handle.

Ask your family or friends for help. They certainly would love to help you out all you need to do is ask. If someone tells you they want to help you out be specific. Tell your friend that you would like her to pick something up at the store for you, help with the laundry or watch the baby for a couple of hours so you can rest.

Sleep when your baby sleeps. This tip has been around for centuries and there is a reason for that. Don't use this time for chores. You need your rest too.

If you have an older child set aside some quiet time for the older child. Have him do puzzles, color or read so you and the baby can rest.

Take it easy. Don't leave the house for an extended period of time. Put off major household projects until the baby is older.

Limit your visitors. When you are feeling well rested you will have plenty of time for people to meet the new baby.

Eat a healthy diet. Make sure you are eating the right kinds of foods. Foods rich in protein help fight fatigue.

If after trying these tips you still feel tired talk to your doctor. This could be a thyroid problem. If you had a thyroid problem before or during your pregnancy this could continue after the baby is born and you should speak to your doctor about it right away.

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