25 Things You Should Pack for the Hospital When Having a Baby

The birth of your baby is tiring, exciting and a very busy time. When your due date gets closer you should make sure you are prepared. Use this list to get organized and ready for your hospital stay when your baby is born.

1. Your health insurance card, ID, and hospital registration forms
2. Lotion or oil for labor massage
3. A photo or object to use as a focal point during contractions
4. Comfortable clothing such as sweatpants (if the weather is cold) or a nightgown to change into after your baby is born.
5. Slippers
6. Socks

7. A barrette or band to tie your hair back
8. Glasses (if you wear them you may not be allowed to wear contacts during labor)
9. Preggie Pops
10. CD player or MP3 Player and soothing music
11. A camera with fully charged batteries and new memory card if you are planning on taking pictures
12. Two or three nursing bras and a dozen or so nursing pads
13. Sanitary pads
14. Shampoo
15. Lotion, deodorant, make-up and other toiletries
16. Your toothbrush and toothpaste
17. Contact lenses if you wear them
18. A notepad and a pencil
19. Video Camera if the hospital allows one.
20. Change for the vending machine.
21. Your cell phone (if the hospital allows you to use it)
22. Phone numbers of people you want to call after the birth
23. Magazines or other reading material
24. A receiving blanket, diapers and clothes for your baby
25. A car seat

What is one thing that helped you the most when you had your baby? What do you wish you had when you were giving birth but forgot? 

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