How to Start Your Family Eating Clean

As moms, our default mechanism is to take care of our children and family before ourselves. It’s often a mother’s natural instinct and frankly we don’t have time to do more. The first few years of motherhood, I knew I should workout, eat better and get a few hours of sleep. But of course, I put it on the back burner thinking life would someday get easier. It took me being diagnosed with cancer for the second time to open my eyes. My wellness needed to be a priority. I found that that the key to successfully focusing on bettering my health was to make it a family affair.

For those that think, improving their health takes so much time and energy, I’m here to say, that it doesn’t have to be that way*. I'm excited to share my adventures on this vlog for The Healthy Moms Magazine, where I will give quick tips on how to take small steps toward clean eating and finding fitness for the family.

Enjoy the premiere episode.

What are your favorite clean-eating tips or snacks?

*Disclaimer: Please take these suggestions and talk to your doctor/medical practitioner before making your own new wellness plan.

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